What are engine diagnostics?

Engine diagnostics are a full scan of the cars electrical system, a system health check for example. It will cure or pinpoint faults and alert the technician who will in turn let the customer know exactly what the issues are and what parts are needed to cure the problem. 

When would i need a diagnostics scan?

You would need or benefit from a diagnostics scan if:

- Your vehicle is using excessive amounts of fuel
- Your vehicle is misfiring
- Your vehicle has 'flat spots' or seems under-powered
- Your vehicle has an engine management light on
- Your vehicle has any error lights on


Full Diagnostics Scan


  • A full, in depth mobile diagnostic scan on your vehicle. This is performed to dealer level, meaning that our scans are of equal quality to car dealerships, only at a fraction of the cost. Most diagnostics scans can fix problems there and then, however in the unlikely event we cannot fix your problem there and then, we'll alert you to the exact parts needed so that you can search around for a best priced fix.